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System Shock 3 is coming to consoles, thanks to new publisher

SHODAN joins the Starbreeze family

system shock 3 Otherside Entertainmenet/Starbreeze Studios

System Shock 3 is heading to PC and consoles with help from Starbreeze, the Swedish publisher whose catalogue ranges from Payday 2 and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons to 2018’s Psychonauts 2.

The company announced that it’s investing $12 million in the project, currently in development at Otherside Entertainment. Starbreeze is one of several big names, attached to the long-awaited System Shock game, narrative design veteran Warren Spector (Deus Ex) chief among them.

Starbreeze’s investment enables Otherside Entertainment to retain all rights of the System Shock 3 property while benefiting from the publisher’s marketing and promotional muscle. The distribution-only partnership is similar to the one Starbreeze has with Double Fine Productions, makers of Psychonauts 2.

System Shock 3 remains in development, and there’s no release date pegged yet. Otherside Entertainment revealed the project in late 2015, 16 years after System Shock 2 launched on PCs.

There’s more System Shock on the way: A reboot of the original game is coming to PlayStation 4, Windows PC an Xbox One in 2018, courtesy of Nightdive Studios. Watch some gameplay from that project below.

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