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Spider-Man 3 footage is being used in the trailer for the upcoming space movie, Life

Spider-Man 3 lives on ... and not just in our hearts

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Columbia Pictures

A keen fan of Spider-Man 3 has pointed out that Columbia Pictures’ upcoming trailer for Life, the new sci-fi space movie starring Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal, used footage from the final Spider-Man movie in the trilogy.

Reddit user Toomuchsoul collected the two photos and put them side-by-side, comparing the actors and setting. Although there are fewer actors in the cast for the Life trailer and it’s much darker, there’s no doubting that it’s the same footage. Both photos can be seen below.

A still from the Life movie trailer
Sony Pictures
A still from Spider-Man 3
Sony Pictures

As you can tell, the man with the mustache from Spider-Man 3 is gone, but the images are one and the same. The scene from Spider-Man 3, which can currently be streamed on Hulu, occurs about 35 minutes into the film, when Gwen Stacy is saved by Spider-Man after she falls out of a building.

The scene from Life can be seen about 26 seconds into the trailer, seen below.

People have begun to speculate that maybe Life is a part of an extended superhero cinematic universe and Columbia is dropping hints for those who are paying close attention. Columbia Pictures is owned by Sony Pictures, which produced Spider-Man 3 and recently partnered with Marvel Studios to work on a new Spider-Man movie.

Spider-Man: Homecoming, which will follow a teenage version of the character, will be released on July 7, but the character made his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut during Captain America: Civil War.

It’s more likely, however, that Columbia needed to use an image of people looking shocked and scared, and decided to reuse some footage it already owned instead of shooting more.

Will Life use more footage from Spider-Man 3? That remains to be seen, but more information should be revealed when the film is released on March 24. Polygon has reached out to Columbia for comment about the images.

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