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Destiny player completes yearslong quest to glitch through Vault of Glass

Wha... how?!

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In its two and a half years of life, Destiny has cultivated a passionate, dedicated fan base, the most die-hard members of which can be found on Reddit. To be clear, we’re not just referring to the popular Destiny subreddit, but a related one that was created shortly after the game launched: r/RaidSecrets.

The RaidSecrets subreddit was designed “specifically for discussing secrets, glitches, tricks, and explorations in Destiny.” Now, more than two years after RaidSecrets’ founding, one man has achieved a feat that many people thought impossible: He glitched his Guardian all the way to Atheon’s throne room in the Vault of Glass, Destiny’s first raid.

This dedicated raider, who goes by djxyz0 online, has been on a mission with the rest of the r/RaidSecrets crew to see if it’s possible to get through the entirety of the Vault of Glass without actually loading up the raid. The Vault of Glass is on Venus, and the raid begins in a public patrol zone — it’s just that there’s no way to open the door unless you’re in the mission itself.

Destiny - Vault of Glass entrance
The entrance to the Vault of Glass.
Image: Bungie

But Destiny players figured out long ago that you can simply glitch through the door while on patrol. That kind of thing is child’s play to someone like djxyz0, as you can see in his 15-minute video chronicling his entire run. (This delicate act is only possible on patrol, said djxyz0, because “the barriers and walls that you usually encounter in the raid are reduced, making it much easier to navigate outside the map.”) That’s the crux of “glitching through the raid” — flying through the game world, miles beyond the path players normally take — and it’s at this point where djxyz0’s dedication becomes apparent.

Using his Sparrow, a sword and Destiny’s unique laws of physics — apparently, a Sparrow falls faster by itself than it does when a Guardian is riding it — djxyz0 made his way behind walls, across vast chasms and through rocks into Atheon’s throne room. Well, to be specific, there are three different versions of the throne room in the Vault of Glass: one in the present day, one in the past and one in the future. They exist simultaneously in different areas of the game world, of course, so djxyz0 was able to reach all three of them separately.

The final step involves a technique that djxyz0 refers to as “Sparrow-[breaching] through the floor.” That’s far from the first instance in the video of jargon that only r/RaidSecrets members are likely to understand. Thankfully, he put together a tutorial in which he explains how to avoid the invisible walls and other limitations that Bungie implemented to, well, prevent players from doing the very thing that djxyz0 did. But let’s be honest: Even if you watch that guide, you probably won’t be able to pull off this incredible, years-in-the-making feat.

“It took over two years to finally find a way inside of here — two years! — and it was quite a journey,” djxyz0 says in his closing statement. “Although to many, there would be no point in doing this, for us, this is our way of playing the game. To see this game that we cherished and played for these years, to see it in such a different way — that has been a joy to me, to the community. And we thank everyone that helped create this game, and we look forward to what the future holds for us.”

We salute you, djxyz0, and we’ll see you beyond the walls of Destiny 2 this fall.

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