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Watch the first hour of Mass Effect: Andromeda

Savor it until the game comes out

Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay - From the Beginning

Mass Effect: Andromeda - We're playing from the very beginning!

Posted by Polygon on Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Mass Effect: Andromeda is nearly here: The game launches on March 21. Polygon has already spent considerable time with BioWare’s latest alien romance simulator (with a side of action gameplay), and we’ve recorded our first hour with Andromeda above.

Watch us get introduced to Commander Ryder, the new hero of the fourth Mass Effect game. It’s the first time fans will play as someone other than Commander Shepherd, but we think they’re going to like her ... or him, depending on which choice they make. (We went with the lady Ryder.)

Although customizing Ryder typically takes way, way longer than our video suggests, thanks to all those options, we jump into the game itself for a taste of how Andromeda plays. As we wrote in our preview late last month, there’s a lot to figure out about the role-playing game, not all of which is easily grasped in just 60 minutes of hands-on time. But between the cutscenes, Ryder gets to shoot a gun at some enemies and do some planetary exploration, as seen in our playthrough.

We’ll have a full review up around launch day, so stay tuned for further thoughts. Mass Effect: Andromeda is headed to PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One.

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