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Pixar’s next film looks like a gorgeous trip to the afterlife

Err, the Land of the Dead, that is

Pixar has a new, original film heading to theaters this fall: Coco, a musical adventure premiering this November. Its first teaser trailer promises a slightly darker look than we’re used to from the studio, with the Land of the Dead figuring in as a major part of the story.

Based on this first look, Coco is Footloose set during the Day of the Dead. Miguel is an aspiring musician whose family isn’t having it. There’s some secret reason why his relatives have banned music for generations, but it takes Miguel visiting the Land of the Dead in order to find out why.

How Miguel gets there isn’t clear yet; hopefully he’s the rare living visitor. The story is still kind of a mystery to us, but what we’re really into is Coco’s aesthetic. Pixar clearly drew inspiration from Mexican art and culture, and the limited color palette is really striking — lots of reds and misty purples make up the color scheme.

Coco, directed by Toy Story 3’s Lee Unkrich, will open Nov. 22. It will be the first Pixar movie that isn’t a sequel since November 2015, when The Good Dinosaur opened to mixed reviews.

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