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Scratched-up Switch systems can still use TV mode — without their docks

Although, granted, you still do need the dock around

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There’s a way to play the Nintendo Switch in TV mode without sliding it in and out of its accompanying dock, which may be a big relief to those who own bent or busted versions of the hardware.

YouTuber Adam Schwartz filmed his alternative to having the Switch rest in its dock, lest he take it out to find scratches along the screen’s bezel. The method is actually pretty simple, requiring just a USB-C extension cable.

The video breaks down how to enjoy the Switch on the big screen without fear. There’s an added item that Schwartz owns to make this even easier: a Hori Compact Playstand, which goes for $13 on Amazon. It works as a separate stand for the Switch, so that anyone who wants to play in TV mode using this dock-less method can still let the console sit somewhere in the meantime. (Note that it “usually ships within 1 to 2 months,” according to Amazon. So ... don’t expect that to be your primary setup for awhile.)

This may seem like a lot of extra accessories for little gain, but a lot of Switch owners have a good reason to not want to use their docks. Several people reported that the included piece, which mostly just houses the Switch’s AC adapter and HDMI cables so it can hook up to a TV, arrived bent, seriously scratching their systems. Replacement docks were out of stock until just earlier this week, and full Dock Set packages remain unavailable at most retailers.

This workaround requires ponying up a little extra cash, but anyone who doesn’t own the so-called perfect Switch set may want to invest in a USB-C extension cord to protect their console from any further nicks.

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