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Pokémon Sun and Moon concept art shows their weirdest Pokémon are also the series’ creepiest

If you see an Ultra Beast, run the other way

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pokemon The Pokémon Company via Imgur

Pokémon Sun and Moon introduced a bunch of new monsters that are, for lack of better word, disturbing. But a new book containing concept art suggests that the most bizarre, unnerving Pokémon of all are the ones who may not really count as Pokémon at all.

The Ultra Beasts are a collection of monsters who occupy a pretty weird space in the Pokémon universe. They can’t be caught through normal means, and unlike other legendaries, not all of the Ultra Beasts are one-of-a-kind rarities. They play a big part in Sun and Moon’s story, too, in ways which we won’t spoil — but suffice it to say, the Ultra Beasts are weird as heck.

Concept art from The Official Alola Region Collector’s Edition Pokédex, which hit bookstores earlier this week, really hammers that in for us. Artwork for all eight of the Beasts is included in the book, and the illustrations have all made their way onto Imgur, Reddit and various Pokémon fan forums. They show new sides of these characters than we can really get to see in-game — and maybe we didn’t really want to see these sides.

Take Nihilego, for example; it’s maybe the least threatening of the Ultra Beasts, but its artwork really suggests otherwise.

pokemon The Pokémon Company via Imgur

What ... what are you doing to Pikachu, my dude? Lord.

Buzzwole was always kind of hilarious; that’s obvious from its name. The illustrations really go into detail with how much the bug-like beefcake likes to flex and grab other Pokémon, squeezing them within an inch of their lives.

pokemon The Pokémon Company via Imgur

Guzzlord is by far the creepiest of all of these Pokémon, and maybe all Pokémon ever. It’s not the most attractive guy by any objective measure, but its concept art seems to suggest that its arms ... come out of its mouth?! And also it can consume people and entire forests, maybe?

pokemon The Pokémon Company via Imgur

It’s not totally clear what’s happening in that pic on the lower left-hand corner, but geez, we don’t like it. No sir, we don’t like it at all. Move over, Mimikyu, you Pikachu-faced goblin: Guzzlord is eating your lunch as most unsettling monster. And if Mimikyu isn’t careful, Guzzlord might gobble it up wholesale, too.

There’s the three pieces of art above and more to see on Imgur, where all of this concept art has been collected. Check it out, if you dare.

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