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Power Rangers, League of Legends fans bond over two characters’ eerie similarity

Well, huh

Riot Games

Twitch’s 17-day Power Rangers stream is still going strong, and one of the best moments to come out of it so far has been seeing League of Legends and Power Rangers fans bond over two characters who share a strange resemblance: Goldar and Nasus.

Power Rangers fans may be familiar with Goldar, the powerful warrior who served under Rita Repulsa, but Nasus may be a little lesser known to non-League players. The League of Legends hero is an Ascended being from ancient Shurima who is often regarded as a heroic demigod. He is incredibly intelligent and known for his jackal head. It didn’t take long into the first day of the stream for viewers to point out how similar the two characters look.

Power Rangers’ Goldar and League of Legends’ Nasus
Goldar from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (left) and Nasus from League of Legends.
Saban/Riot Games via Polygon

Many League of Legends players have started referring to Goldar as Nasus whenever he’s on screen, yelling out things like “fed Nasus” or “1,000 stacks on Nasus.” A “fed Nasus” simply refers to an incredibly strong version of the hero. When the hero reaches that point, he’s almost impossible to stop. In many ways, it’s like Goldar when he’s at this most powerful. It becomes an extremely difficult task for the Power Rangers to take on Goldar, and whenever things become tense between the five teenagers and the warrior, League fans will start yelling “fed Nasus.”

“1,000 stacks on Nasus" refers to this character's ability to grow more powerful over the course of the game by killing enemies with his Siphoning Strike ability. For every kill on a regular enemy with this ability, Nasus gains three stacks, while killing larger monsters or other enemy champions will earn six stacks. A Nasus who has built up 1,000 stacks on Siphoning Strike can kill most opponents in one hit.

There are a couple of other meme-type jokes that have become a big part of the Twitch chat discord, including the constant typing of “BLBLBLBLBLBL,” which refers to the sounds the Putty Patrol makes, or frantically typing “AYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA” whenever Alpha-5 shows up.

Still, the League of Legends crossover has become one of the most widely known memes in the chat. The end of Twitch’s 17-day marathon will coincide with the release of the new Power Rangers movie. The film, which is based on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and explores the origin story of the five heroes, will be released on March 24.

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