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Dark Souls-inspired action-RPG The Surge gets a release date

Save May 16 for your next obsession

The Surge, the Dark Souls-inspired action role-playing game, is scheduled to launch on May 16 for Windows PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Developer Deck13, known for its work on Lords of the Fallen, promises a brutal melee-focused adventure. Set in the near future when automation has taken over much of the global manufacturing sector, players step into the role of an average factory worker. Equipped with a modern exo-suit, they’ll need to fight their way to safety. The CGI trailer shows battles against similarly equipped human enemies, as well as towering robotic mechs.

In a press release issued today, the team emphasized its new looting mechanic. Players will be able to lop off the limbs of their mechanical adversaries and then use them to augment their own exo-suit.

In an interview with Polygon just last year, Deck13’s chief executive officer Jan Klose talked about the game’s inspirations.

The team is aiming to set a tone that looks and feels harsh, but also still hits an over-the-top perspective. Klose compares it to Fallout, a series that includes both brutal scenarios and offbeat humor.

"It's not so predictable," Klose said. "You'll say, 'What's going on here?' when you play it, and then you'll find out. Sometimes you will maybe have a smile on your face when you find out. But not necessarily because everything is nice and shiny."

The Surge is a full price title, and is available for pre-order now.

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