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Iron Fist’s Easter eggs include references to Spider-Man characters and more

Yes, there will be spoilers


Marvel and Netflix’s Iron Fist is now available to stream, and while you’re making your way through the show, here are some Easter eggs to keep an eye out for.

[Warning: The following contains spoilers for Iron Fist.]

One of the lesser recognizable Easter eggs is the name Danny Rand uses on his passport, John Anderson. In the comics, Anderson is Spider-Man’s next-door-neighbor from New Zealand, but Marvel fans may remember him as the kid who came to Spider-Man’s aid during a battle between the web-slinging hero and Doctor Octopus. It was during that battle that Anderson took on the identity of “The Kiwi Kid” in order to create a diversion.


In Iron Fist, the passport identifies Danny Rand (Finn Jones) as a Canadian and not a New Zealander.

Another interesting Easter egg occurs during the gauntlet scene in the sixth episode. In this scene, two of the immortal weapons — highly skilled fighters — are introduced. The immortal weapons were first introduced in The Immortal Iron Fist #8 and remained supporting characters in the series until it was cancelled after its 27th issue. In order to understand this reference, which is pretty embedded in Marvel lore, the Seven Capital Cities of Heaven have to be explained.

Once a generation, each of the Seven Capital Cities of Heaven send their immortal weapon to a giant, kung-fu style competition. Danny Rand is ushered to the sacred city of K’un-Lun to fight the other immortal weapons. In Netflix’ series, Rand goes up against two of the other immortal weapons: the Bride of Nine Spiders and Dog Brother.

Marvel Comics

Dog Brother and Bride of the Nine Spiders actually become opponents during a fight in the Iron Fist comic as part of the tournament between the seven capital cities. Although they’re not explicitly identified as immortal weapons in the show, it’s obvious they were brought in as a pleasant surprise for true Iron Fist diehards. The costume that Bride of the Nine Spiders wears, for example, is nearly identical to the one she sports in the comic.

One of the last Easter eggs that was picked up on in the first six episodes that critics were available to screen ahead of time was the mention of Danny’s friend, Davos. In the comic books, Davos is also referred to as the Steel Serpent and exists as an enemy of Iron Fist in K’un-Lun.

Steel Serpent
Marvel Comics

Originally, Davos earned the chance to take on the power of Iron Fist, but ultimately failed in his battle against Shou-Lao. He returned to K’un-Lun disgraced, and eventually tried to have Rand killed after he was able to succeed where Davos failed.

In the comics, Davos does also manage to find his way to New York. He tracks Iron Fist down and steals his power, but finds himself unable to contain it within his body. The power of the Iron Fist eventually consumes and kills Steel Serpent, and returns to Danny.

There are sure to be many more Easter eggs littered throughout the show, and as we binge it this weekend with the rest of you, we’ll keep our eyes peeled.

Iron Fist is streaming right now on Netflix.

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