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Courtesy Dark Horse Comics

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Take a sneak peek at Mass Effect: Andromeda’s expansive art book

Oh my god, Peebee’s full name is ‘Pelessaria B’Sayle’

A new Mass Effect game is just over the horizon for the first time in five years, and Dark Horse Comics has returned to the series as well — to produce the official art book. The Art of Mass Effect: Andromeda hits shelves the same day as Mass Effect: Andromeda itself, March 21. The book is a hardcover edition packed with “exclusive art of the new game’s characters, arsenal, locations, vehicles and more.”

Dark Horse has offered Polygon two never-before-seen images from the edition — including one detailing some of the design iteration of the asari crewmate Pelessaria “Peebee” B’Sayle — and we’re passing them straight on to you. Enjoy!