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Persona 5 special editions are not dangerous despite Amazon canceling orders, Atlus says

It was all a misunderstanding

persona 5 Atlus

After a few Persona 5 fans woke up to emails from Amazon claiming their Steelbook and “Take Your Heart” premium editions of the game had been canceled due to containing “dangerous goods,” Atlus has told Polygon there is nothing wrong with the products and it’s fixing the problem.

An Atlus representative said the company spent most of Friday talking to Amazon and investigating why certain orders had been canceled. After investigating it, both Atlus and Amazon determined it was a mistake, and that both companies were in the process of correcting it.

“This morning we were surprised to learn about Persona 5 ‘Take Your Heart’ Premium Edition cancellations with Amazon,” an Atlus representative told Polygon. “After waiting patiently during the day we received word, and can confirm to you what we’ve always known, that there’s nothing defective or ‘dangerous’ about our product. While there have been cancellations, we understand that only a tiny number of Amazon sales have been affected. No ‘mass cancellations’ of the premium and SteelBook editions have occurred.”

Reports of orders being canceled first appeared on the Persona 5 subreddit and NeoGAF, where one user uploaded the email Amazon sent them in regards to their order.

“This is because this item contains regulated materials classified as dangerous goods and cannot be delivered by Amazon,” the email reportedly read. “Although the amount of these substances in these products is usually quite limited, these products need to be transported in a certain way to ensure that they are handled with care.”

The user than uploaded a screenshot of the email they received from Amazon after inquiring about why their order was canceled. It can be seen below.


Other emails from Amazon representatives confirming that orders “Take Your Heart” and Steelbook editions of the game had been canceled have also been circulating. The above email, however, remains the only one mentioning regulated materials.

The Steelbook edition of the game comes with a collectible case featuring the characters from Persona 5. It sells for $59.99. The “Take Your Heart” edition comes with the game, SteelBook collectible case, soundtrack CD, a four-inch Morgana plush, 64-page hardcover art book, school bag and collectible outer box. The product is currently not available to pre-order on Amazon.

Polygon reached out to Amazon for comment, but had not heard back by the time of this article. We will update the story if more information becomes available.

Atlus also confirmed that if your order has been canceled, you should contact Amazon directly for support.

Persona 5 will be available to play on April 4 for PlaysStation 3 and PlayStation 4 users.

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