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Sniper Elite 4’s first DLC arrives this week

Karl Fairburne’s next mission involves the Manhattan Project


Sniper Elite 4, the cult-hit stealth shooter on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One, launches its first DLC on Tuesday in the form of a premium expansion and a free addition to its multiplayer.

The premium DLC, billed as a mini-campaign, puts hero Karl Fairburne in a Nazi naval base (above), bombed all to shit like the ending of Das Boot. Fairburne has to clean up and locate a mysterious package, critical to the Manhattan Project developing the United States' atomic weapon. Spoiler alert: The Nazis lose, because that’s their job.

The free multiplayer mode is Elimination, a two-team setup accommodating as many as 12 players. Killing an opponent sidelines them, unless one of their teammates kills you (or one of your teammates) which allows a dead player to re-enter. Theoretically, even one player against six still has a chance, with a crack shot bringing reinforcements back to the match.

Additionally, Sniper Elite 4 will roll out a premium weapons and skins pack called "Night Fighter," which includes three new firearms, night-time camouflage skins for eight weapons, and new male and female character skins. That's accompanied by "Night Woods," a new multiplayer map that is free. Rebellion has said that all multiplayer maps coming for Sniper Elite 4 will be free.

Sniper Elite is not everyone's cup of tea. Played properly, the time spent on patience and planning should greatly outnumber the time spent shooting Nazis, and enjoying their demise. Polygon gave Sniper Elite 4 a 6.5, in particular calling out an inconsistent play environment that can thwart the buildup to satisfying kills.

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