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Fight as Zero Suit Samus in Street Fighter 5 with this mod

It’s a good look for Cammy

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Modder Khaledantar666 secretly replaced Street Fighter 5's Cammy with Zero Suit Samus from Metroid. Let's see if anyone notices.

Of course, Samus still has the same move-set, super-moves and etc. of Cammy, but it's still neat to see her beating ass galore in Street Fighter 5, the way she does in Super Smash Bros. on the Wii U.

The Zero Suit Samus mod comes in two forms, one with all of the gear, and one without. The color palette is based on Samus' form within Nintendo's fighting game.

Alas, this mod has been walled off behind the maker's Patreon, so those who wish to bring it into their PC version of the game need to visit that for instructions on what to pay and how to download.

If Zero Suit Samus doesn't float your boat, maybe try out Tracer from Overwatch?

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