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Overwatch’s new hero Orisa: All her skins, emotes and unlocks

She is a sexy centaur robot

Simone de Rochefort has been producing & hosting YouTube videos for Polygon since 2016. She co-directed the upcoming documentary The Great Game: The Making of Spycraft.

Orisa, the newest playable hero in Overwatch, is playable right now on the PTR. She was unveiled today after the bare minimum of teasing from Blizzard, which is something we’re not used to after the epically drawn-out Sombra debut.

In the video above, you can see all of Orisa’s current skins, voice line, highlight intros, emotes and victory poses. She doesn’t have any unique sprays or player icons yet. We’re sure to see more goodies before Orisa becomes playable on all platforms.

While Orisa seems to resemble a centaur-like creature, with her upright torso and four legs, some of her legendary skins have an insectoid quality. Her regular horns transform into something reminiscent of a horned beetle.

The character is an Omnic that was damaged in Doomfist’s attack on the Numbani airport. She was rehabilitated by a young girl named Efi Oladele, who wanted the robot to protect people.

The Overwatch website calls Orisa a “mechanical peacekeeper.” As a tank, Orisa will boost other players’ damage while providing defensive barriers.