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Frank West is a flesh-eating zombie in new Dead Rising 4 DLC

First DLC drops in April

Dead Rising 4: Frank Rising
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Dead Rising 4’s Frank West is in a bad way in the game’s next downloadable episode, Frank Rising. An outbreak in the town of Willamette infects West and it appears Frank has effectively become one of the zombies he’s been fighting on and off for the past decade.

Here’s the official description of Frank Rising, which is part of the Dead Rising 4 season pass, but can also be purchase separately for $9.99.

Frank is infected and wanders the city beaten, bloody and driven only by a need to feast. When a former ally discovers him, he is written off as incurable. Luckily, he’ll find help from an unlikely resource. As Frank begins to recover he’ll need to race to find a permanent cure while developing all-new abilities and strength. Unfortunately, he can no longer eat food to stay alive and must feast on others to survive. As he is trying to save himself, Frank learns that several survivors he cares about are trapped in the city with him and he must rescue them – and himself – before the government closes his case file for good and wipes the city off the map.

That description and the associated screenshot of Frank Rising released today make things appear a bit more dire for Frank West than we were originally told. Here’s the description of the DLC from October:

In this DLC, Frank West is freshly infected and needs to find a cure before he becomes a zombie and is lost forever. While searching for a cure, Frank discovers that everything is not the same as it was; zombies are getting smarter, people cannot be trusted and paramilitary forces are plotting to wipe out Willamette. Frank has a limited time before he reverts to the full zombie state and the city is wiped out. Frank will have to get to the truth first… or die trying.

Dead Rising 4 players will have to feast on other survivors and find a cure for Frank under the gun. The DLC brings back timer-based missions to the game for an extra challenge.

Frank Rising is coming to Dead Rising 4 April 4 for Xbox One and Windows 10. Capcom will follow that up with golf-based DLC, Super Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf, later this spring.