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Naruto is coming to an end after being on the air for close to 15 years

It’s time to say goodbye

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Naruto is one of the longest running anime series of all time, but after nearly 15 years of being on television, the show is coming to an end.

The announcement was made on the show’s official Twitter account earlier today. It confirmed the final episode of the current Naruto iteration, Naruto Shippuden, will air tomorrow night. The studio also tweeted out an image from the finale, which can be seen below.

Naruto began in October 2002 and ran until 2007. In 2007, a different version of the show, Naruto Shippuden, kicked off and has been the series that fans have been watching for close to a decade since. Naruto focused on the titular character as a child, learning to become a great ninja and training to eventually become the leader of his village, otherwise known as the hokage. Naruto Shippuden on the other hand follows the character when he’s much older, returning to the village after spending some years away.

Naruto ran for 220 episodes and Naruto Shippuden will end on its 500th episode, making it more than twice as long as the original. Like the anime, the manga that Naruto the show is based on has also ended. A new series, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, began in spring 2016.

The final episode of Naruto Shippuden will be available to stream on Crunchyroll tomorrow.

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