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Here’s the new raid gear you can get in Destiny Age of Triumph

Shiny new Vex and Hive armor awaits

Destiny: Age of Triumph
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Destiny players will have ample reason to return to the game’s revamped raids in Age of Triumph, the next (and supposedly final) content drop for Bungie’s shooter. During a Twitch livestream today, Bungie walked Destiny players through the gear and ornamentation coming to Age of Triumph, including more than a dozen pieces of fresh raid armor.

The updated version of Vault of Glass, Destiny’s first raid, will give players an opportunity to score some Vex-themed gear, including a Harpy-inspired set for Warlock players and one with an ornamental back shield for Titans.

Here’s a peek at the concept art for Vault of Glass’ new raid gear:

Vault of Glass armor sets

To get those pieces — and pretty much all the new raid gear — players can run through the updated, 390-level raids. Those drops can help bring your Guardian up to maximum light levels, in addition to making them look extra fancy.

Bungie’s ramping up the ornamentation in Destiny’s new raid gear, with special lighting effects and damage indicators for pretty much all of the new armor sets. When players take damage, portions of the armor that glow (as in the King’s Fall armor set below) or jut out from the gear (like the Crota’s End raid items) will recede for a cool visual effect.

King’s Fall armor
King’s Fall armor (with battle damage)

Bungie says the armor sets earned by revisiting the Wrath of the Machine raid contain “the most special effects of any armor,” and a batch of new class items for Hunters, Titans and Warlocks will include Chroma customization options. Those class items, including a Warlock bond that cycles through a couple of insignias, can be earned by completing the Speaker’s new quests included with Age of Triumph.

The new content drop will also contain a number of ornamentations for weapons, including a new tiger paint job for the Dragon’s Breath rocket launcher and a sleek new look for the Suros Regime auto rifle.

Bungie also has plenty of changes in store for weapons with Age of Triumph. Guns like Fatebringer can drop in both legendary form and a new adept exotic form with elemental damage. The Necrochasm exotic auto rifle will now cause any and all of its victims to explode upon death, dealing damage to enemies around them.

There are some general weapon changes coming with the Age of Triumph update, including a slight nerf to hand cannons and a boost to assault rifles. In Crucible, sidearms will now reload when players open a special ammo crate, bringing their behavior in line with how heavy weapon crates work.

Age of Triumph goes live in Destiny on Tuesday, March 28. For more, check out the changes coming to Nightfall strikes and all of the game’s raids. A quick look at the new Age of Triumph armor and weapon ornamentation can be seen in the gallery below.