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Rocket League’s next update delivers a new way to play the game

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Crash through the floor in Dropshot


Rocket League's next update introduces a mode that bends the game away from its soccer-with-RC-cars theme, using a new arena, a breakable surface and a different ball.

Called "Dropshot," Rocket Leaguers will be tasked with destroying breakable panels on the surface of the opposing team's field, and scoring goals through those gaps instead of driving them into more traditional goal boxes.

In Dropshot, two hits on an opposing panel knocks it out, while an electrified ball does an increasing amount of damage (to more tiles on the surface) the longer it is kept in the air. The game mode is set in a hexagonal arena called “Core 707” .

This trailer gives a sense of what's going on.

Dropshot will launch for Rocket League on all platforms on March 22 and is free. It will arrive with several other changes that include new achievements and trophies, an esports content button, the conclusion of season 3 and more.