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Death Note’s first photo introduces the strange but beloved detective, L

The confrontation we’ve all been waiting for

L from Death Note looks into the camera Viz Media

Netflix has released the first production photo from its upcoming live-action adaptation of Death Note and the emphasis is on the relationship between two foes.

In the photo below, high school student Light Turner (whose original name was Light Yagami in the manga) can be seen sitting in a cafe and talking to a man hunched on his chair. Although his face isn’t shown, fans of the manga and anime series will be able to instantly recognize the famous pose as belonging to the world-renowned detective, L.

Death Note
L (left) and Light Turner sitting in a cafe.
James Dittiger/Netflix

Death Note follows both Light and L’s journeys pretty closely as their lives begin to intertwine. When Light comes into possession of a death note, a notebook that allows him to kill whoever he wants, however he wants without getting caught, he goes on a vigilante-inspired, murderous spree. It’s not long before Interpol catch wind of what’s happening, noting that a large number of criminals had begun to drop dead, all of them suffering major heart attacks. The case catches the attention of L, who dedicates his entire life to figuring out the identity of the person behind the attacks.

This is the only photo Netflix has released right now, but more are expected to be released as post-production on the movie continues. Death Note will be available to stream on August 25.

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