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Netflix bringing back classic Voltron episodes as part of new collection

Hand-picked by cast, crew and executive producers


Netflix is looking to feed people’s appetite for nostalgia by bringing back 12 classic episodes of the original Voltron series in a new collection called Voltron84.

The streaming service announced today that the collection will be hand-picked by the executive producers, cast and crew of Netflix’s new Voltron series, Voltron: Legendary Defender. Each episode will include the option to be watched with commentary from the person who picked that specific title. The commentary will explore why it’s such an important episode from the original series, why it was included in the connection and how it relates to Legendary Defender.

Voltron: Defender of the Universe premiered in 1984 and ran for two years. It was one of the highest-rated children’s series during its time on air, and resulted in a number of comic book series, two different spinoff shows and a one-hour special.

The trailer for the series can be seen above. The episodes will be available to stream on March 24. The full list of episodes included in the collection can be read below.


"The Stolen Lion"

"The Sleeping Princess"

"Doom Boycotts the Space Olympics"

"Space Explorers Captured"

“Escape to Another Planet“

"The Missing Key"

"The Right Arm of Voltron"

The Lion Has New Claws”

"Secret of the White Lion"

“The Witch Gets A Facelift”

"Give me Your Princess"

"The Treasure of Planet Tyrus"

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