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Aquaman proves he’s the most menacing hero in new Justice League teaser

Plus, a new group photo that’s missing one crucial member

The Justice League trailer is finally going to drop on Saturday, but to hold fans over until then, Warner Bros. has released a new teaser for one of its characters: Aquaman.

In the teaser, seen above, Aquaman is suited up and ready to call up the powers of Atlantis. Although some of the scenes are old, like the first shot of Aquaman standing on a rock while water rushes around him, the best part of the teaser is new. Using his trident, Aquaman manages to get the large body of water he’s standing in front of to swish around him as he looks on menacingly.

Aquaman seems to be the hero that we’ve seen the most of lately. The emphasis in recent clips tweeted by Zack Snyder have been focused on Aquaman, and actor Jason Momoa seems the most open to discussing his character. Alternatively, we’ve seen very little of Cyborg — minus a group shot from a couple of weeks ago — and the Flash got his moment to shine in the footage released at San Diego Comic-Con last year.

Warner Bros.

DC also released a new poster collecting the five Justice League heroes, which can be seen above. Superman is noticeably missing, but Henry Cavill has said he’ll appear in the movie in some capacity.

Justice League will be released on Nov. 17. The trailer will drop this Saturday.

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