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If Overwatch characters lived in Final Fantasy

Limit Break: Huge Rez

Overwatch Fantasia

Let’s be honest: It was a matter of time before an Overwatch and fantasy mashup happened.

Overwatch Fantasia is a collaborative project between various Korean artists that reimagines the heroes we know and love in a classic, fantasy JRPG aesthetic — think Final Fantasy 9 or basically any installment before FF7.

Some are obvious choices, like Mercy as a white mage or Widowmaker as an assassin. But there are some creative spins on what Bastion and Mei could be if they lived in this universe. Check out some of the highlights below with each character and their respective artists. Let us know what you think in the comments.

CKYM / Overwatch Fantasia

D.Va’s outfit and color scheme give off some serious Princess Ashe vibes from FF12.

Dewgong / Overwatch Fantasia

Reaper would make the best Final Fantasy villain ever.

Tae Doo / Overwatch Fantasia

Bastion becomes a golem!

Bong Chun Shik / Overwatch Fantasia

Reinhardt ditches the armor and goes for a more bare bones look.

Hanon / Overwatch Fantasia

Mercy as a white mage and summoner? Hell yeah.

Loliel / Overwatch Fantasia

Widowmaker trades in her gun for a fancy set of assassin’s knives.

ancotaku / Overwatch Fantasia

Black mage Mei? Yes please.

Teeny Pudding / Overwatch Fantasia

Thief Tracer makes a lot of sense, if you think about how fast and nimble she is. (We’re also reminded of FF7’s Yuffie Kisaragi here.)

Yomi / Overwatch Fantasia

Pharah can easily be a Dragoon or a knight. Maybe [FF4 star] Kain’s best friend?