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Lake Ridden is a new, creepy walking sim

It’s like a dark, Scandinavian Firewatch

Here's an early ten-minute section from Lake Ridden, a first-person puzzle and exploration game being developed by Swedish outfit Midnight Hub.

The Malmo-based indie is comprised of former staff at Mojang, Paradox and Massive, who say they were inspired by some of the better so-called walking sims. They point to Gone Home and Firewatch as examples of the sort of thing they're going after.

In Lake Ridden, the player takes on the role of 13-year-old Marie, who must search a forest at night in order to find her younger sister. Along the way, she encounters basic puzzles, mostly arranged around searching out and finding stuff. A journal keeps the player abreast of narrative developments.

It's certainly got a creepy, lonesome feel to these early sections, playing into our natural fear of the dark and of forests. Lake Ridden is out next year on PC.

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