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An obscure app has become the go-to spot for exclusive Justice League footage

If you’re looking for another platform to follow Zack Snyder, this is it

Justice League is still months away from being released, but if you’re aching for new footage or behind-the-scenes looks, there’s one way to keep ahead of the game.

Vero, an app that launched in July 2015, has become director Zack Snyder’s stomping ground for providing updates on the film and sharing exclusive footage. It’s unclear why Snyder chooses to use it, but Clay Enos, a photographer that has worked with the director since Watchmen, is an avid user and friends with the developers. He reportedly introduced Snyder to it, and the two have used it ever since. With a number of the Justice League team using Vero, the Twitter-meets-Instagram clone has become the unusual social media platform of choice for exclusives.

Today, Warner Bros. released the first official trailer for Justice League at 11 a.m. on its YouTube, Facebook and Twitter channels. The studio didn’t release it to press ahead of time, so like fans, journalists were waiting for Warner Bros. to release it. Instead of waiting, however, Snyder debuted the trailer on Vero early, giving his subscribers the first, exclusive look at the trailer.

It’s not the first time he’s used it, either. A few weeks ago, Snyder released a clip from the Justice League editing bay that showed off Aquaman in action. It was the first time that fans got to see the new superhero, played by Game of Thrones’ Jason Momoa, in action. The clip was eventually captured by fans and thrown on Twitter and YouTube, but once again, those who followed Snyder on the app got to see it first. In February, the same thing happened with a fight scene from Justice League featuring Batman.

Zack Snyder/Vero

Based on some exploration of the app, it seems like Vero doesn’t have much to offer outside of following celebrities the same way you can do already on Instagram and Twitter. The difference being, however, that these posts can’t be shared. They are exclusive to the app, which means that Justice League footage shown by Snyder and other editors who use the app remain on Vero.

While that’s unfortunate for people who don’t want another app on their phone, it does seem like the best way to try and keep up with Justice League information if fans want to get inside exclusives first. Again, it seems like the footage does eventually make its way to Twitter and YouTube once people on Vero start ripping it, but the quality never seems to be as good and there is a bit of a wait.


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Just like how Twitter and Instagram have become great spots to follow other Justice League cast and crew members for information — Henry Cavill posts teasers on his Instagram account while Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot use Twitter to unveil information — Vero seems to be the app for updates on the movie from Snyder.

Justice League will be released on Nov. 17.

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