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Nintendo challenged to cow-milking contest, accepts (update)

Farm museum in Vermont calls out console maker over 1-2 Switch

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

A museum in Vermont has challenged Nintendo to a cow-milking contest and, strangely enough, Nintendo appears to have accepted. We're not sure whom Nintendo is sending or when this is going down, but it has the potential to be a clash of cow-milking titans.

Billings Farm & Museum of Woodstock, Vt., is calling out Nintendo's cow-milking expertise over 1-2 Switch, more specifically a minigame within it. Billings Farm is a living history museum, in that it is a fully operational Jersey dairy farm with exhibits, educational programming and other events.

The farm sent a tongue-in-cheek letter (via NeoGAF) to Nintendo deploring that 1-2 Switch has "taken all the challenge out of milking.

"We have 30 prize-winning Jersey milking cows that we milk twice a day, and it is NEVER that easy," Billings Farm said in a letter signed by Alayna Perkins, the museum's farm manager. "We also think that you guys look pretty slow."

"Milk" is one of 28 minigames in 1-2 Switch. Players make gestures with their Joy-Con controllers and make button presses, working off audio cues and the controllers' HD rumble, to milk an invisible cow. Most milk cans filled wins.

"Milk" wasn't one of our favorite minigame, but it wasn't one of our least favorite either.

Billings Farm & Museum posted a picture of the letter on its Facebook page and hyperlinked Nintendo's to make sure it saw it too. To their surprise, not six minutes later Nintendo replied from its verified account "Challenge accepted."

"Booking flights now," Nintendo said, and "we'll be ready."

“Good luck!” Billings Farm shot back. “We’ve been at this over a hundred years.”

“So have we,” Nintendo replied.

Apparently this is indeed on like — uh, forget I said that.

Polygon has reached out to representatives of both Billings Farm & Museum and Nintendo of America to inquire further about plans for this showdown, including date and time and, of course, competitors. Our fingers and toes are double and triple crossed that Reggie Fils-Aime (who celebrates his 56th birthday today) is snapping on his bib overalls for Team Nintendo.

Update: A Nintendo of America representative says “they’re actually going up there this week.” More to come as it is known.

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