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Final Fantasy 15’s chapter tweak adds some political color

That’s some real news for you

Players have already sped through “Chapter 13, Verse 2,” as Square Enix has dubbed its new, long-awaited patch for Final Fantasy 15’s most contentious section. The update didn’t just add more story and less tedium to the chapter, however — it’s also got a little joke that’s sure to catch American players off-guard.

Watch the scene above to hear Noctcis’ bro Ignis say something nightly news-watchers have been hearing a lot lately.

Ignis clearly pays close attention to the evening news.
Square Enix

Yep — he says “alternative facts.” The phrase is even in quotes in the dialogue, hammering in that this isn’t something that Ignis is just saying for the hell of it. It sure seems like this is the English-language version of the game’s attempt at some topical political humor, and some players are saying it’s not the only example in the new patch.

On the Final Fantasy 15 subreddit, players mention that Gladiolus drops a quick nod to “fake news,” although video of that hasn’t made it online yet. Sad!

The Final Fantasy 15 Twitter account has called out the 45th president at least one time before. A tweet from December 2015 made a crack at Donald Trump in an otherwise unrelated request to followers:

We've reached out to Square Enix to be sure that this is all a deliberate joke, not some actual premonition that our world will soon resemble Eos'. For now, let's call this "real news."