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Watch Link breeze through the air in Breath of the Wild — for 20 minutes straight

That’s one heck of a gliding sesh

No one should ever find themselves without something to do in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, where even the act of getting around can be a minigame. That’s clear from the latest way that players are keeping themselves busy: by sending Link on long, impressive paragliding journeys across Hyrule, racking up huge records along the way.

Breath of the Wild features a longest flight distance quest, where players can earn a cool 100 Rupees by gliding off Ridgeland Tower and traveling in the air as far as they can go. This has led to some amazing treks across the world of Hyrule, with several players posting their most awe-inspiring ones.

A 6,579-meter flight gained attention on Reddit over the weekend as a world record-setting paraglide ride. To make it that far, Link was in the air for a full 19 minutes, all of which was recorded above. But players didn’t just watch the video in wonder; instead, they responded by saying they could go even farther.

One player already has, with their airborne Link traveling 7,616 meters through the air. That one runs a full 22 minutes, much to questgiver Branli’s — and viewers’ — surprise.

There are clear tricks in place to make this endless paragliding adventure work, including using the wind and some well-timed arrows to Link’s advantage. Spending an hour watching Link soar through the beautiful fields of Hyrule is probably even more relaxing than actually making it work yourself — but watching these videos may inspire players to return to Branli’s paragliding challenge and see how far they can go.

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