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Fire Emblem Heroes’ April update adds a huge quality-of-life change

That stamina cap’s going way, way up

fire emblem heroes Intelligent Systems/Nintendo

Fire Emblem Heroes is getting a series of big updates next month, but there’s a clear stand-out victor in the lineup. The mobile game’s Japanese Twitter account teased that the game’s stamina cap will go way up in April, increasing from 50 to 99.

That’s a huge win for anyone who’s spent more time waiting for the stamina gauge to fill back up than actually playing Fire Emblem Heroes. Players need stamina in order to complete story missions and training quests, with higher-leveled maps costing way more energy. Refilling that gauge typically means one of two things: waiting around a long, long time for it to refuel on its own, or using a limited-supply item that refills it automatically.

Long story short, this is great news for all Fire Emblem Heroes obsessives. Other updates on the way include more experience for lower-quality heroes to earn and the ability to choose where party members are positioned at the beginning of a battle.

Nintendo previously announced some other major changes coming in April, like the introduction of permadeath. That classic Fire Emblem feature will make holding onto those randomly-collected heroes much harder — if they die on certain maps, they’re dead for good.

Fire Emblem Heroes maintains an ardent fanbase, nearly two months since it hit iOS and Android. Nintendo and partners Intelligent Systems and DeNA have released frequent updates that acknowledge fan concerns and diversify the different fighters that players can only hope to collect.

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