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Everyone eagerly awaits death in Yakuza 0

This week, things get real, real dramatic

Our field trip through Japan has been mostly fun and games thus far. In this week’s episode of Yakuza 0 to 60, our virtual adventure through Japan, the stakes finally get way, way higher. So high, in fact, that we’re reduced to a puddle of sad, wet boys with a heavy case of existential dread.

OK, it’s not all cutscenes and angst. We still find time to get into way too many fights with way too many delinquents, try — and fail! — to bust into some arcades and again wonder about the sacred art of fisting. But things really heat up at this part of Yakuza 0, with our tour guide Kiryu running into some real trouble with his former gang. This time, he can’t just punch his way out of it, either ... maybe because the game insists on making us sit through cutscenes instead of fighting anyone.

Although this week left us feeling kind of down in the dumps, our time in Japan has been a lot of fun thus far. We’ve been hanging with Kiryu every week in Yakuza 0 to 60, the first episode of which is below. Check in with Polygon’s YouTube channel every weekend for more of our Japanese adventures, ranging from the heartwarming, to the punch-heavy, to the very, very drenched.

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