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The next Valkyria game comes to PlayStation and Xbox in June

Sega dates Valkyria Revolution

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Sega is bringing Valkyria Revolution, an action-oriented spinoff of the company’s Valkyria Chronicles tactical role-playing games, to North America on June 27, the publisher announced today. Players in Europe will get the game June 30.

Valkyria Revolution will be released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Xbox One, though only on the PS4 and Xbox One versions will get physical releases. Vita owners will have to settle for a digital copy of the game. Sega has priced Valkyria Revolution at $39.99 across the board.

Unlike the Valkyria Chronicles games, which paired turn-based strategy with some third-person shooting, Valkyria Revolution leans harder on the action, with its array of melee attacks and elemental spells. You can read our hands-on impressions of the game from last year’s Tokyo Game Show.

Here’s the story setup for Valkyria Revolution, courtesy of Sega:

In the wake of a revolution, Jutland's elite soldiers, the Vanargand, must band together to defeat the Ruzi Empire and stop death itself--the Valkyria. This grizzled anti-Valkyria squad is equipped with advanced mana weaponry and has the powerful ability to wield ragnite spells to combat this terrifying threat. The unit is comprised of soldiers who have a high affinity for ragnite, and even Jutland's own Princess Ophelia has joined the ranks. The princess carries the utmost love for her country and has answered the call of duty to liberate those who are suffering from the Ruzi's tyranny. However, Amleth Grønkjær, the commanding officer of Vanargand hides a terrible secret. Is he friend or foe to the country he has sworn to protect?

Valkyria Revolution “Vanargand Edition”

Sega will release a deluxe “Vanargand Edition” of Valkyria Revolution, which will be limited to pre-orders and launch day shipments, according to a press release. Included in the game’s Vanargand Edition is a 1.5-inch pin inscribed with the Vanargand army’s coat of arms; a 12-song soundtrack CD; and a special box.

For a look at Valkyria Revolution in action, check out the teaser trailer above and some screenshots on the gallery below.

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