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Final Fantasy 15’s new DLC comes with a very good reward

Sometimes you do have to take your clothes off to have a good time

Last year, we painstakingly ranked the boys of Final Fantasy 15 by an important metric: hotness. It seems like great minds think alike, as Square Enix included a special somethin’-somethin’ for fans of our winning boy in the game’s first piece of episodic downloadable content.

Episode Gladiolus” is all about Noctis’ burly, bare-chested bestie, whom we named the hottest boy Final Fantasy 15 has to offer back in the fall. It’s one thing to spend a couple hours playing as him and only him; it’s another to do so while he’s not wearing a shirt. That’s the prize for completing the Score Attack mode, which is shown in its full glory above. That mode opens up after finishing the episode, and players need to at least hit 500,000 points to win the costume.

Called “Rugged Attire,” it’s less a pice of clothing and more an option for some partial nudity. Choosing this costume, which carries over into the full game, lets Gladiolus run around without his shirt on. He was clearly comfortable with showing off those washboard abs beforehand, based on his default outfit, but the special unlockable lets him run amok, unbound by fabric.

This is only available to owners of the DLC, which is available now. Season pass holders and Premium Edition owners of the game already have access to it, and it’s sold as a stand-alone piece as well. Check out some of our hands-on gameplay from PAX East 2017 below.