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This Nintendo Switch dock mod is the ultimate nostalgia piece

Find a new use for your N64

The Nintendo Switch comes with a dock, but that won’t stop owners from coming up with their own. Our favorite custom Switch dock mod comes from Tettzan Zone, as he’s known on YouTube, who gave a classic Nintendo system new life with this project.

Tettzan Zone modified a broken Nintendo 64 and transformed it into a functioning Switch dock. Seriously, it works — the video above shows it in action, hooked up to Tettzan Zone’s monitor.

It’s seriously impressive, and it appears to have taken just shy of a week’s worth of work. The modder’s been keeping fellow Switch fans updated on his adventures in console customization on Reddit, sharing the steps he took to making the entire Nintendo 64 workable as a dock.

If you still have a Nintendo 64 lying around, this could be a way to make it useful again in 2017. (It could also be a good workaround for owners of bent or busted Switch docks.) Of course, be sure to use one that isn’t still functional, like Tettzan did; it will help fans of the beloved, 20-year-old console rest easier.

This is comforting, indeed.

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