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Final Fantasy 15’s sweetest boy becomes a man in next DLC

Baby Prompto is no baby anymore

final fantasy 15 Square Enix

Final Fantasy 15’s first stand-alone episode is out now, and it includes a teaser for the next new piece of downloadable content. “Episode Prompto” will focus on the tiniest, most selfie-loving member of Prince Noctis’ pack — but the first look at the upcoming DLC shows a much darker side of him.

The extended teaser, which was first shown off in Japan earlier this year, is now on Twitter after being included as part of “Episode Gladiolus.” Anyone who’s played Final Fantasy 15, watched its prequel anime or generally fell for the game’s cast of teen boys will likely be shocked by the Prompto on display in the minute-long video.

Where’d that gun come from, Prompto? Do you know what you’re doing? Should we get Noctis? Oh god, Prompto, just ... be safe with that thing.

“Episode Prompto” will be available to season pass holders, Premium Edition owners and as a separate purchase when it launches sometime in June. Until then, let this image of Prompto — sweet, fragile Prompto — shakily aiming a gun force you to question if there is any purity left in the world.

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