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Blizzard launches high-end collectibles line with sleek Widowmaker statue

Overwatch’s sniper kicks off Blizzard Collectibles

Blizzard Entertainment has launched a new endeavor called Blizzard Collectibles, which the company describes as a “new line of premium statues, replicas, and artwork designed and produced directly” by the company. That new line of premium goods kicks off with a new statue of Overwatch’s Widowmaker.

If that’s a bit confusing, given that Blizzard has already released two premium statues of Overwatch’s Tracer and Reaper, it’s understandable. Blizzard Collectibles is simply the company putting a formal name on its higher end products; the brand also encompasses the aforementioned Overwatch statues and “multiple existing pieces, including the Hearthstone Collectible Keepsake Box, Grommash Hellscream and Illidan Stormrage from the Warcraft universe,” according to Blizzard.

“We tend to go all-in when it comes to representing the things we're passionate about in our work, and that's exactly what we're doing with this new line of high-end statues, replicas, and artwork,” said Matthew Beecher, vice president of global consumer products at Blizzard Entertainment, in a press release. "Our goal with Blizzard Collectibles is to produce pieces of art that capture the personality of our games, and we're excited to share these premium items with gamers and collectors worldwide.”

The Widowmaker statue will retail for $150 and is available for pre-order from Blizzard’s website. The hand-sculpted, hand-painted collectible stands 13.5 inches tall.

Here’s a look at the full statue:

Blizzard Entertainment

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