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Destiny’s greatest line returns

We miss you, Peter Dinklage

that wizard came from the moon
The infamous line that stole our hearts

“That wizard came from the moon!”

It was a line of dialogue that stopped many early Destiny players dead in their tracks due to the rather unemotional reading from voice actor Peter Dinklage, and Bungie later sold a T-shirt that proved it had a sense of humor about the large number of jokes that went around the internet. The line was removed after the game’s alpha, only to be returned after launch and then lost again when the part was recast with Nolan North.

Bungie has since returned the line to the game once again in the latest update — although this time it’s performed by North himself — along with a nod to the original vocal misstep. The line’s return was spotted by Reddit, and then confirmed when video was captured of the new performance.

This is a pretty fun way for Bungie to honor the game’s first days as we prepare for Destiny 2, but we’d also like to humbly suggest the joke has now fully run its course and can be fully retired.

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