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Nintendo Switch and NES Classic back at Best Buy Wednesday — so act fast (update: all gone!)

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Update: Guess what? They’re all gone.

Best Buy will have “limited quantities” of two popular Nintendo systems in stock today, the retailer announced. Starting at 1 p.m. ET, Best Buy’s online store will have the Nintendo Switch and NES Classic Edition available.

Best Buy’s not mincing words here: These systems will sell out fast. That’s par for the course with both the Switch and the NES Classic Edition, but buyers can press their luck at 1 p.m. anyway.

The Nintendo Switch has been in- and out-of-stock on the regular since it launched earlier this month, but it’s never been as scarce as the NES Classic Edition. The $59.99 pre-loaded retro console sold out quickly across the nation after its November release, fetching high prices at resellers.

This may be the only chance buyers will have for a little while to pick up either of these consoles, although many retailers have received supplemental Switch stock in recent weeks. We’ll update you when they’re all gone.

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