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IT trailer changes one memorable scene from the book, and the result is terrifying

It’s the one thing we can agree on

Warner Bros. released the first trailer for its adaptation of IT today and a scene featuring the projector has become its most celebrated moment.

The scene in question takes place near the end of the trailer, when a group of kids are gathered in an attic and watching home movies. At some point, the projector encounters a glitch and as the video continues, the terrifying clown who haunts the town, Pennywise, appears on screen. In the original book, Bill and Richie are looking at Georgie's old photo album, and the same ordeal occurs, but the change is being seen as a positive thing by most fans.

“I like the change,” one person wrote on Reddit. “More interactive, more visual. ‘90s version was cheesy with the book and I don't think it'd look good here either. It's fine for a book, but on screen? Nah.”

Others on Twitter noted that the projector scene was the takeaway moment, even though the scarier scene is unquestionably the last one, when Georgie is laughing and Pennywise darts across the room.

The response to the trailer has been overwhelmingly positive, which is rare in an era when people will pick apart teasers for various reasons. While there are a few people who have said they found the trailer more funny than they did scary, the majority of people talking about it have said it recalls a sense of fearful nostalgia from the first time they read the book.

Perhaps most importantly, the trailer — and the movie in general — got the thumbs up from King himself.

IT is directed by Andrés Muschietti, who most horror aficionados will know as the man behind the beloved 2013 film, Mama. The movie is scheduled to be released on Sept. 8.

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