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Pixar’s new short ties directly into its upcoming Land of the Dead movie, Coco

It’s got a cute pupper, so yeah, it’s pretty good

Pixar’s new movie, Coco, is still months away, but a new short from the studio has a little more insight into film’s vibrant world.

Dante’s Lunch follows an adorable pupper named Dante as he tries to capture a bone that has gotten away from him. Coco’s main protagonist Miguel doesn’t actually appear in the clip, but the short does a remarkable job of introducing the world that Miguel, Dante and others will inhabit.

Coco follows Miguel, a young boy who wants to pursue his dream of becoming a famous singer despite his family’s ban on music. After a series of events leads him to the Land of the Dead, Miguel sets off to discover the true story behind his family’s policy.

Pixar released the first trailer for the movie earlier this month, and despite the positive reception, did face some backlash. In 2014, 20th Century Fox released an animated musical, The Book of Life, which was set during the Day of the Dead. Just one year earlier, however, Disney tried to trademark “Dia de los Muertos” as a project it had in development. After facing outrage from fans, it backed down, but that film eventually became Coco.

While Coco doesn’t take place entirely on the Day of the Dead, the similarities are very similar. Unfortunately, people will have to wait until Coco is released to see how similar it ends up being to The Book of Life.

Coco will be released on Nov. 22.