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Spider-Man’s new suit hides some neat surprises

Taking a deep dive into Spider-Man: Homecoming’s trailer

Chuck Zlotnick/Sony Pictures

The Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer gave us a good look at the movie, in fact it gave away basically the entire story, but it also gave us a good look at Spider-Man’s suit in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The upgraded suit was designed by Tony Stark, and it features some pretty cool technology that goes far above what we’re used to from past Spider-Man films.

Marvel gave us this quick look at the suit via Instagram:

The most important upgrade out of #CES2017. #spidermanhomecoming

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But the trailers gives us a lot of information about what the suit can and can’t do. Let’s take a look.

It’s a drone!

Spider-Man’s iconic chest emblem is itself a drone, but Spider-Man himself seems almost surprised in the trailer. Is this how Iron Man tracks him?


This quick scene does a good job of explaining how Peter Parker can get in and out of his suit quickly. The whole thing goes on loose, and then he triggers a mechanism that tightens it around his body. You could also imagine that this would allow different people with similar builds to wear the suit comfortably.

The eyes add expression

The eyes are expressive, which we knew from the character’s appearance in Captain America: Civil War, but it’s still neat to see in this detail. You can kind of argue that Spider-Man is being fed information through the suit or the changing eye shape may protect him from things like flashbang grenades, but the real reason for this animation is that it looks cool and gives the character ... well, more character.

The webslingers on the Stark suit are way smaller

The webslingers on the Stark-designed suit are pretty compact and effective. This will be important later.

Holographic maps are cool

The armbands also provide holographic information to Peter Parker, which is a neat touch. And the headpiece looks goofy on another character, but that’s kind of the point of the scene.

The Spider-Mine

This is a pretty neat scene: Spider-Man uses a small mine that he throws without looking and waits for the bad guy to trip it and trap himself. You can also see more detail on the expressive eyes.

With one hand!

This is interesting because the two strands come out of the same hand. Spider-Man has the ability to take out multiple targets by only using one webslinger.

This isn’t a blast from his normal webslinger, he throws what amounts to a Spider-Mine and waits for the bad guy to trip it and trap himself. More pretty obvious Stark tech that seems outside the limits of what we’re used to from Spider-Man films.

This scene also includes a rather clever Easter Egg.

Marvel seems to really enjoy mining the classic designs for its cinematic Spider-Man, and a lot of the above details seem to be taken from Steve Ditko’s original drawings from the 60s.

There’s a lot of clunk here

Here we go. This is Parker’s homemade Spider-Man suit, with static eyes and webslingers that are much larger and clunky. He doesn’t have the wings, the cool gadgets or the aesthetics of the Stark suit.

Falling with style

Here are the wings! Watching the loop makes the wings look larger than they seemed the first time I watched this, and the scene is edited to suggest they help Spider-Man glide to kind of a rocky landing.

So there we go. The Stark-designed Spider-Man suit kind of does whatever the story requires, and we get to see some of the neat technology in action. It seems as if the climactic fight takes place after Spider-Man loses the suit, and then likely earns it back after defeating the Vulture.

The takeaway? I want to try it on.

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