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Attack on Titan ‘movies’ will play in theaters ahead of season two premiere

Catch up before the new season starts

YouTube / Funimation

Attack on Titan’s second season is less than a month away from premiering, and Funimation is looking to usher it in by bringing two of the series’ films to the big screen.

The publisher announced today that the two, 120-minute recap movies, Guren no Yumiya and Jiyuu no Tsubasa, which cover the events of the first and second half of the first season, will play in select theaters. Both films will only screen for one night. Guren no Yuniya will play on March 27 and Jiyuu no Tsubasa will follow on March 28 or 29, depending on what day the specific theater has chosen to do it. At the end of the second film, a small teaser for the second season will play.

Funimation confirmed last month that the highly-anticipated second season of Attack on Titan would premiere on April 1. A trailer for the season was released late last year and confirmed that the Titans had breached the Wall Rose, the second most outer wall protecting the various citizens of multiple districts.

The 19 select Reading and Alamo Drafthouse theater locations showing the films can be seen below.


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