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Don’t put stickers on your Switch, says sticker maker

Aftermarket “skins” might mess up your Switch and Joy-Cons


Nintendo Switch owners might want to refrain from decorating their new consoles with stickers and skins. Manufacturer dbrand, which makes skins for a variety of consumer electronics like phones, laptops and video game consoles, says applying those skins to the Switch and its Joy-Con controllers can damage the surface of those devices.

On Twitter, dbrand explained the situation in a series of tweets, calling its findings “bad news.”

The company says the same holds true of the Switch itself and posted a picture of the system with a marred Nintendo Switch logo. dbrand says it’s cancelling pre-orders and refunding customers who ordered its stickers. It advised its more than 800,000 Twitter followers against putting stickers on the Switch.

One of dbrand’s competitors, skin manufacturer SlickWraps, says it’s conducting its own tests “with over 80 different materials” on the Switch.

On Reddit, dbrand expanded further on its public service announcement, saying it experimented with a prelaunch unit and 10 retail units. The company stressed that “the JoyCons and the Console are not compatible with vinyl wraps or any adhesive-backed skin of any kind.”

In the meantime, it’s probably wise to heed dbrand’s advice. The company makes skins for dozens of devices, including the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and their respective controllers.

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