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Suspicious images prove how much Destiny fans want the game on PC

Excitement for a PC version surges ahead of trailer drop


A well-timed, so-called “leak” from a Spanish-language retailer has spread across fan forums, reigniting desires for Destiny 2 to hit PC. While these images don’t imbue much confidence — the PC box art is a photo of a computer screen, for one, and there’s an image-editing program in the background — players’ excited responses to them point to just how badly they want the game to come to PC.

Not the most credible image, but it’s fueling long-held hopes regardless.

Another photo included in the leak comes across as slightly more credible, showing a cartoony figurine based on Cayde-6.


We’ve seen that Cayde-6 figure out in the wild already, based on photos from a Twitter user who said it’s already in retail storerooms.

The ad suggests that the figurine is a pre-order bonus, and that pre-ordering customers will also be entitled to check out the game’s beta. That same beta logo is seen on a poster sent to European retailers last week, which incited the Destiny 2 reveal hype before Activision and Bungie’s official reveal.

Since they went online — and were swiftly removed by their original poster, who apologized for the “accidental leak” — Destiny players have become increasingly pumped about the game possibly, finally coming to PC, even if they don’t completely buy this leak as being real.

Bungie has kept the Destiny franchise exclusive to console since its 2014 launch, making it one of the most popular console shooters. But rumors have circulated widely about Destiny 2 bridging the gap between PCs and consoles since the developer announced a sequel to Destiny was in the works.

As we wrote yesterday in our Destiny 2 wishlist, a PC version just makes sense for the series. It’s a multiplayer shooter that needs a constant internet connection, and beyond that, PC owners are renown for their devotion to the platform.

Take a look at months of PC owners, making their interest in Destiny 2 on PC public:

A Polygon commenter who wanted a PC version way back in 2016.

There is some more legitimate reason to believe that Destiny 2 will make it onto PC. Kotaku confirmed with its sources back in the fall that the sequel was in development for that platform.

A short teaser for the game dropped this week, and a fuller look at Destiny 2 will arrive at 1 p.m. ET today. It’s possible we’ll get some concrete information about the game’s future on PC.

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