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Legion is being compared to Pokémon because of one very strange scene

Gotta catch ‘em all, I guess

Michelle Faye/FX

The biggest moment from last night’s Legion finale didn’t occur in the actual episode.

[Warning: The following contains spoilers for the finale of Legion.]

About midway through the credits, a short scene played out that ended up with David becoming absorbed by a drone-like floating ball. The way that David is shrunk down and teleported into this tiny ball is reminiscent of the way players catch Pokémon and people can’t stop calling attention to it.

To be fair, it is very Pokémon-like. Much like when players catch a Pokémon, David is standing on a balcony one second and trapped inside a tiny ball the next.

As fans started hypothesizing over what the post-credits scene could mean — looking at old issues of various X-Men comics and even referencing a specific moment from the cartoon series, X-Men: Evolution the main takeaway remained that David being a Pokémon was the only plausible explanation. Naturally.

References to popular Pokémon catch phrases have begun popping up in official forums, Reddit and Twitter as people try to come to terms with the fact that David may in fact be a Pokémon.

“Noah Hawley used Confusion,” one fan wrote on Reddit. “It's super effective! The audience has fainted.”

The two scenes that fans are comparing can be seen in the GIFs below. The first is from the Pokémon animated series and the second is from last night’s Legion episode.

When compared side-by-side, the similarities between the two are uncanny, and as more people watch the episode, the references to Pokémon are only growing. Unfortunately, this appears to be the only Pokémon reference Legion fans are likely to get.

Legion will return in 2018 around the same time as it premiered this year, according to showrunner Noah Hawley. The season season will also add two new episodes, going from eight to 10.

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