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Breath of the Wild players are killing its toughest enemy in absurd ways

No items, Link only, final destination


One of the most satisfying things you can do in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is take down a Lynel, a super powerful, centaur-looking enemy who can resist almost any attack. Tons of players have made it a point to defeat these creatures when they run into them — and some especially ambitious ones are taking the Lynel they reach into with some impressive means.

Here’s DeliciousTea Gaming fighting a Lynel with a Link who’s under extreme duress. The poor Hylian doesn’t have a single piece of clothing, and he’s only got three hearts to his name. His weapon of choice? A rock.

Somehow, Link emerges victorious. Turns out that boulder is a pretty sweet weapon.

For something a little more savory, check out this fight where Link uses an arsenal of arrows, a pot lid and a soup ladle to beat the beast. At least he has a shield this time?

Lunisequious Solivagant’s fight against a Lynel is a little more conventional, except for the fact that it lasts a total of 20 seconds. A decked-out, club-wielding Link beats the Lynel to death and doesn’t take a drop of damage.

Over on Jimmyqballs’ YouTube page, there’s a whole series of wild Lynel challenges, including one where he defeats the enemy with a horse. That’s what we call a trusty steed, for real.

It’s no surprise that one of his most popular videos is an in-depth strategy guide on how to take down any Lynel you see.

If you’re brave enough — and looking for something new to do in Breath of the Wild — these challenges may be a good way to shake things up.

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