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Final Fantasy 15 in live action is absolutely perfect

We need this to be a series, now

There’s been a lot of Final Fantasy 15-related media — anime, a prequel movie — but Square Enix hasn’t gone the live-action route with the game yet. Thankfully, Japanese webseries Tokai Onair has stepped in, and the result is glorious.

Onair Fantasy 15 transports the role-playing game to the real world, bringing Noctis, Prompto, Gladiolus and Ignis into modern-day Japan. The actors playing the foursome may not look perfectly like them, but they capture the heroes down to the little details.

The way Noctis runs is exactly right. The scene where Noctis and gang get their first quest assignment? Yep, that’s how it works in the game. And the way the battle starts and plays out is clever and familiar, while highlighting just how freaking inane all of Final Fantasy is, when you really think about it.

They even stop to take a group photo.
Tokai Onair

But that’s what we love about the series, right? The Tokai Onair group clearly gets what makes Final Fantasy 15 a particularly special installment in the classic RPG franchise, making this nine-minute video super worth the watch. Here’s hoping they come back with a second installment — we’d love to see some of the other characters.

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