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New IT trailer gets recut to show how similar it is to the ’90s miniseries

Both are equally terrifying

Trailers getting recut to try and capture a different tone or illustrate a new angle aren’t anything new, but this side-by-side comparison of the new IT trailer with footage from the ’90s miniseries is pretty spectacular.

The goal of the comparison video, which was created by, is to show how similar the trailer is to the miniseries. There are moments when it looks like director Andrés Muschietti lifted the scene directly from the original miniseries, which premiered in 1990. There are moments when Georgie is chasing down his boat as it floats away toward a gutter that are almost shot-for-shot, and others, like the projector scene in the new trailer, that are slightly different.

The comparison video does end with a closeup of both the new and iconic Pennywise, the deranged clown from IT. Both moments are equally terrifying, but because the footage from the miniseries is hand-picked to show off Curry’s Pennywise, it’s a more clear shot of it than what fans were teased with in the trailer for the new movie.

IT, which received the seal of approval from author Stephen King himself, will be released on Sept. 8.

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