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Final Fantasy 14: Daddy of Light is heading to Netflix

Grab your daddy and prepare to binge

Final Fantasy 14: Daddy of Light, a live-action, Japanese TV drama featuring Square Enix’s multiplayer online game, is coming West. Netflix picked up the show for international audiences, and Daddy of Light is expected to premiere worldwide this fall.

Japanese subscribers can check it out on Netflix starting April 20, slightly earlier than the premiere date previously reported. It will also air on Japanese TV channels MBS and TBS starting April 16.

It seems like the Western version of the show will maintain that Daddy of Light moniker, too, which is sure to attract attention from all kinds of Netflix browsers. Daddy of Light isn’t called that apropos of nothing, though: The show is about a father and son who bond over Final Fantasy 14. There seems to be a solid mix of gameplay and human drama included in the show, with actual Final Fantasy 14 characters appearing throughout.

Based on a true story, the drama sounds like a heartwarming watch for fans of Final Fantasy, Japanese television and kids bonding with their parents. Check out the trailer above to see if Daddy of Light is your speed.

Netflix has making a big play in Japan as of late. The service launched in the country back in 2015, and it’s since produced original programming that’s found international success. Recent Japanese hits include Terrace House, a reality show whose latest season is set in Hawaii; an anime based on Godzilla will also be a Netflix exclusive later this year.

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