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Everyone’s favorite new Netflix show will probably disappear in 24 hours (update)


This morning, Netflix posted a 50-minute video of BoJack Horseman’s Will Arnett providing “live” commentary on a number of regular appliances. It has quickly become one of the most talked about videos on the streaming service, and unfortunately, it’s probably going to disappear in the next 24 hours. A teaser for the series can be seen above.

Netflix LIVE! is supposed to debut in full tomorrow, but as it happens to fall on April 1, chances are this is Netflix’s annual April Fool’s joke. But whether or not Netflix is pranking its more than 90 million subscribers with the tease of a wonderfully strange, Will Arnett-starring new series, it has already captured the hearts of so many.

People have been talking about the show non-stop since the 50-minute teaser went up this morning. The video, which featured Arnett sitting in a room and commenting on everything from microwaves to copy machines, has been welcomed by Netflix users, if Twitter and general chat from around the web is anything to go by. In fact, many of the people talking about the show have acknowledged that it’s probably not real, but that hasn’t stopped them from asking Netflix to make it an actual thing.

Netflix hasn’t said what its plans are for Netflix LIVE! but it’s clear there’s an audience here ready to devour an entire season of it. Arnett is currently involved with two other Netflix series, BoJack Horseman and Arrested Development. BoJack Horseman is currently gearing up for its fourth season and a fifth season of Arrested Development has been rumored for quite some time, but Netflix hasn’t said whether it’s moving ahead with it at this time.

Netflix’s Netflix LIVE! is one of the first April Fool’s jokes to hit, but as the day approaches, remember to practice vigilance as suspicious news starts to float around the web.

Netflix LIVE! can be streamed right now, with the full livestream expected to debut tomorrow.

Update: Netflix has “cancelled” Netflix LIVE!


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