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Deadpool 2’s trailer has a Firefly Easter egg. What does it mean?

You might have missed it if you weren’t paying attention

If you weren’t paying close attention to the Deadpool 2 teaser that dropped last week, you may have missed a couple of interesting Easter eggs.

There are a few comic book related ones, including a reference to Cable, Deadpool’s parter in crime. One of the more interesting tidbits, however, is a Firefly poster hiding in plain sight.

There are a couple of theories about what it means. The first — and most obvious — is that it’s a reference to Morena Baccarin, who played Vanessa, Deadpool’s love interest in the first movie. Baccarin also played the Companion Inara Serra in Firefly, and to a certain extent, it makes sense that the poster would be included as a shoutout to the actress.

There is another, more interesting theory floating around. The inclusion of the poster could be a nod toward the rumor that Fox wants to reboot the series.

The rumor stems from comments Fox’s president of entertainment, David Madden, made during a television press conference in February. Madden said the network was willing to work on a Firefly reboot as long as creator Joss Whedon was on board. Whedon has previously said that he would be willing to work on the show if the cast was free and it felt like they weren’t forcing the revival.

As it stands, the majority of the cast does have the time, but Whedon hasn’t said anything recently about bringing the show out of retirement. Could the poster in the Deadpool 2 teaser be proof that Fox is working on bringing the series back? It seems pretty unlikely, but Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds has never been one to ignore the projects yearning to be made with little-to-no support.

It took Reynolds almost 12 years to get Deadpool made, and only when it premiered did Fox realize how the franchise’s potential, both financially and critically. This may be Reynolds’ way of calling out Firefly as another project that Fox gave up on too early. In the first Deadpool, Reynolds’ doesn’t hold back in calling out the network during the opening credits, so it wouldn’t be too surprising for the actor to use his preview as a shaming mechanism.

Neither Whedon, Firefly actor Nathan Fillion, nor Reynolds have said anything about the inclusion of the Firefly poster in the trailer. It may be a while — if ever —before more information is given out.

The Deadpool 2 preview can be seen above, but it’s also attached to Fox’s new Wolverine movie, Logan. Logan is currently playing worldwide.